I Have a Favorite Mask

When did this become normal?

Image by Frauke Riether from Pixabay.

I have a favorite mask.

It’s black and silver and comfortable and goes with almost all my clothes. I realized it was my favorite when I thought I lost in during a recent trip. Fortunately, I found it in my bag.

In the beginning

I remember when the CDC first began advising us to wear masks. Just before that, federal officials were saying healthy people probably didn’t need to wear them, but news reports were coming in suggesting we might actually need them. It was a gray area.

And then this happened

One night, I was going into Walgreens. We’d all been wearing masks about a year at that point. As I was walking in, I saw a man and woman coming across the parking lot. Suddenly, the woman cried out, “We forgot our masks,” and both turned to jog back to their truck.

We forgot our masks.

There was a time when I would have whipped out my cell phone and called the police. “Um, yeah, I think these people are going to rob the store. They just said they forgot their masks….”

And what is this about?

I have written before about walking more during the pandemic. Those of us out walking for exercise or walking dogs don’t wear masks in my area but will take turns yielding the sidewalk by stepping temporarily into the street to maintain a safe distance.

The best things about wearing a mask

The most interesting change for the better in my case is that I rarely wear makeup anymore. What is the point? Maybe slap on a little concealer around the eyes and go, but that’s about it. I recently wore some makeup multiple days in a row, and not only did my skin protest by breaking out, but I felt greasy and uncomfortable the whole time.

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