Women have a long history of supporting religion — mostly to their detriment

The Martyr

Born in northeast Lincolnshire, England, in 1521, Protestant martyr Anne Askew has been referred to as a “proto-feminist” (Gilbert & Gubar). I was thinking about her when writing a recent article about medieval mystics — “The Happy…

Gerda Lerner (1920–2013)

If you don’t know about historian Gerda Lerner and the impact she had on women’s history, pull up a chair. March is Women’s History Month, and we need to be talking about this woman. Seriously.

First of all, Lerner played no small part in expanding the study of women in…

What I found when I lost my way in Scotland

Edinburgh. It was a decades-long dream for this American to be there. And there I was, about halfway between Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse on the Royal Mile.


The friend I was traveling with and I had just parted ways for the afternoon. She had other interests…

…walk up to a bar (but not the kind you think….)

The Frontiero Case

When United States Air Force officer Lt. Frontiero applied for dependent spouse benefits, the Air Force refused her.

Why? After all, spouses routinely received such benefits. How were the Frontieros any different?

Well, it was the early 1970s. Lt…

Scholar, historian, women’s historian, activist, archivist, reformer, wife, mother — all at once

I recently wrote about historian Gerda Lerner’s contributions to women’s history and the debt all historians owe her, followed by an article about Anna Julia Cooper and other pioneering Black women historians.

This time, I want to turn my attention to Mary Ritter Beard — historian, activist for women’s suffrage…

S. A. Howard

Writing coach, writer, copyeditor, course designer, instructor, mom, cat servant, and managing partner at TipoftheWriteberg.com

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